A web and media platform for support structures is a professional network of entrepreneurship support structures in Africa, composed of a media space, a mapping of the structures, a qualified directory of incubators, information on the ecosystems, etc.

A ressource centre for entrepreneurship support

With various level of access, this collaborative ``tool box`` for incubators provides them with useful ressources to facilitate their daily work.

A monitoring tool to follow up on incubated startups

Supporting project leaders requires a careful organisation on the long term. The Afric'innov management software is a complete monitoring tool for business incubation.

Training programs for teams in charge of supporting entrepreneurs

Professionalizing these structures supporting entrepreneurship requires of the teams in charge of assisting entrepreneurs to increase their skills. Therefore, the program will organize face-to-face training courses, and/or via MOOCs.

Seed funds to support startups

Interest-free loans are designed to fund high potential and local jobs-creating startups, without taking equity. These loans intend to leverage other financial backers.

Labellisation process for support structures

The Afric'innov label will enable start-ups and investors to identify and valorise structures who work efficiently to support innovative entrepreneurship within African ecosystems.